Vanderbilt students praise petroleum products!

This past Thursday CFACT headed to Nashville to ask the students 20160915_140114_hdrat Vanderbilt University their thoughts on petroleum and if they knew all its uses. To help illustrate one of the many uses for petroleum CFACT held a drawing for two YETI brand rambler cups if the student could name at leas20160915_134556_hdrt one other use for petroleum besides gasoline. “The results were astounding,” says CFACT’s Southern Regional Director Graham Beduze. “ As soon as I finished setting up students started to swing by the table and give their petroleum product of choice.”

Vanderbilt though heavily influenced by the green machine and the liberal campus bias seemed to have mistaken the objective nature of the Vanderbilt student body. Many students continued to ask questions and even give more ideas for more petroleum and fossil fuel products. One student remarked, “Almost everything we use in our daily lives is derived from petroleum…instead of attacking oil we should continue to work on technology that makes refining and extracting cleaner and support companies that promote environmental stewardship.”

The event was a part of CFACT’s on going campaign to bring awareness to the many benefits of fossil fuels and dispel the myths of the green lobby.20160915_13275520160915_132603