UN, Not Practicing What it Preaches

The UN is currently holding its Climate Change Conference, or COP 20, in Lima Peru. They have taken it upon themselves to save the world, and humanity along with it, from the impending doom of man made climate change. Anthropogenic global warming advocates have been emboldened by recent events, namely the unconstitutional climate change pact between President Obama and China, to push for a new climate change treaty. However, talk is cheap in Lima, and the UN isn’t even practicing what it preaches.

This year’s Climate Change Conference is going to have the largest carbon footprint of any UN climate change conference on record. ¬†Despite all of their talk about being green, this conference is creating quite a bit of pollution. When all of the pollution caused by the conference and conference preparation is tallied up, roughly 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide will have been released into the atmosphere.

Even so, the UN is touting how all of the pollution generated by COP 20 will be offset by newly protected¬†forests of Peru. They fail to mention that it will take over fifty years for those forests, which are roughly half the size of urban Minneapolis, to process all of the carbon dioxide produced by COP 20. In a classic case of “do as I say, not as I do,” the UN is creating huge amounts of pollution even as it drafts a treaty,that is based on uncertain scientific footing, that would sacrifice our economic in the name of stopping climate change.