(Pre- Covid 19) University of Hartford Students Stay Up Late To Search For Snowy Owls!

Before the Covid 19 virus shutdown CFACT Students at the University of  Hartford decided to stay up late to spot snowy owls at a park near campus. Besides fighting for policies and values that benefit nature and people alike CFACT also encourages its students to have fun in nature and enjoy the outdoor flora and fauna.

This event was organized by CFACT Intern Kevin Schaeffer who has been a key player in the liberty movement on campus. Kevin stated that events like this serve to be a great recruitment tool to endtroducing peers to CFACT and getting them to spend time in nature as well and get some fresh air from life on campus. 

Students head into the woods to search for snowy owls.

The target bird for their hike that night was the snowy owl who resides in Connecticut and the northern region of North America and the Arctic. Unlike most owls, snowy owls can be active during the day and at night and start to hunt during the day more in summertime. However, due to the climate in Connecticut Kevin and the rest of the students thought their chances would be better at night. Their efforts began to pay off quickly as one student got a sighting quickly followed by a second one minutes later. 

Student spots an owl!

“The trip was a success and everyone one enjoyed getting out in nature and seeing some amazing animals,” Said Kevin. “They are already looking forward to the next event and can’t wait to learn more about CFACT!”

Snowy Owl