Vanderbilt students watch and discuss Farming in Fear Documentary!

Earlier in the school year students from Vanderbilt University hosted a watch party for Martha Boneta’s Farming in Fear Documentary. CFACT club president Grace Cancelmo said,

 “We really enjoyed watching “Fear in Farming”. It was such an interesting story of how the government fails in its attempts to promote conservation by making life difficult for those who actually try and act on it. 
During our discussion, we many described it as an “abuse of power” that was “irresponsible” and “insensible” given Martha’s objectives which aligned with advocating for conservation. We also were pretty outraged that when they came to search the premises Martha had to tell the officials what they were searching for and what they were allowed to search for. Additionally, the release of her IRS audit to the public prior to her own knowledge was equally absurd. 
Overall, we agreed that this is a nonpartisan issue as stated in the film and that farming, especially in circumstances similar to Martha’s, should require fewer permits, regulations, etc. Government organizations should not be wasting their time and the time of the farmers with such ridiculous tasks and penalties. ” Another Vanderbilt student said, “Do whatever you want on your own property should be the policy, there are far too many regulations and they are destroying our farmers and property owners across the nation.”

Documentary showings are popping up around the country at universities like Vanderbilt thanks to CFACT’s effort to educate and engage students in the fight to save our liberties and fight back against government overreach. Though the Covid-19 Pandemic has made outreach tough CFACT will continue to find creative solutions to engage students and continue the mission. For people and nature too!