CFACT Spooks Students With Green New Deal Facts!

Students were scared straight at the recent Turning Point USA Western Conference  when CFACT National Director Adam Houser and Associate Director Graham Beduze held a tabling event dedicated to spooking all in attendance with the reality of the Green New Deal. 

Students attending the TPUSA Conference!

One by one students jumped at the sight of CFACT’s Halloween themed poster with Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s face on it and proceeded to sign up with CFACT to learn more on how they could combat her policies on their campus. Jay a senior at Grand Canyon University said “I’m in love with this sign. We just had the biggest turning point event of the year at our school. I’d love to get an event going with CFACT.” Therese, from Aspen University said “I’ll definitely be in touch about getting some events going on campus”

Students ask questions about CFACT.

CFACT’s goal at the conference was to awaken students to the reality of the Green New Deal and other radical green policies that threaten our way of life and hinder technological advancement and affordable energy. Many students remarked that they are happy for a free market voice like CFACT to counter the radical environmental policies of the left and provide real solutions not just fear.

Students sign up to learn more about CFACT

By partnering with groups like TPUSA CFACT is able to bring topics like climate, energy, and environmental stewardship to conservative students and make sure they are fighting and standing up against radical green policies at their schools.“If CFACT doesn’t talk about these issues, who will,” says CFACT associate director Graham Beduze? Each conservative group has their issues and by working together we are able to promote individual liberty and free markets to every sphere and area.