UCF Knights get Taste of REAL Energy



CFACT’s Collegians brought the “REAL Energy, Not Green Energy” message to the Knights of UCF (University of Central Florida).  Collegian activists spent the lunch hour at the student union passing out REAL Energy fact sheets and engaging students in discussion.

The “REAL Energy, Not Green Energy” campaign is dedicated to promoting a sensible energy future. Our nation’s energy policy will impact the future for all college students.  “REAL Energy” promotes a growing, prosperous economy and natural environment.


The fact sheets and discussion disabused students of the myths that green energy is free – except for all the government subsidies; that green energy is environmentally friendly – unless you are a bird flying near a windmill; and that green energy is abundant – it only accounts for an intermittent 2% of electricity produced in the US.


Interested Knights found out how they can make a difference on campus by working with CFACT to host a speaker, show a video, conduct a workshop, and write an op-eds.

CFACT is taking the initial steps to found a Collegians chapter and provide a permanent home at UCF for our mission and message.