Hypocrisy Now

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) suggested that he wants the Department of Justice to consider looking into racketeering charges against organizations and businesses that are skeptical of global warming. Whitehouse makes an analogy to tobacco companies who tried to mislead the public and the government on the negative health effects of tobacco. The Senator made his opinions known in a Washington Post editorial published May 29, 2015. So, a Senator wants the American government’s top lawyer to sue groups and corporations for holding opinions and exercising free speech.

Is questioning the status quo on climate change really equivalent to lying about products that cause cancer? It seems the Senator, and the Left in general, cannot possibly comprehend the possibility that people may have questions about manmade global warming. If you do, you obviously need to be sued, according to Senator Whitehouse.

What if a Republican Senator had asked the Department of Justice to file charges against liberal groups? Perhaps against those groups that hold different opinions on the science of when life actually begins in terms of abortion? It would be plastered all over news headlines, and calls for the Senator to apologize and then to resign would be issued at light speed.

But the Left seems to have an immunity when it comes to being criticized for mischaracterizations. In fact, the Left seems to have an immunity when it comes to their mischaracterizations even being reported. After multiple Google and Bing searches and other searches for keywords on most major news organizations’ websites, no stories or reports on Senator Whitehouse’s comments come up from the major networks. If the networks are reporting on it, they certainly aren’t making it very public.