We could do with less bureaucracy

Earlier this week President Trump praised French President Macron for calls for “less bureaucracy” and went on to say this is something America could strive for. Bureaucracy is often intended to protect people and ensure fair treatment. However, it often goes too far which then causes more harm than good and limits the freedoms of everyday people seeking to make a positive impact in their community. For farmers in Virginia, this rings true. Up until last year, the overbearing regulatory state prevented the sale of farm items on the very land they were grown on; one could not sell their produce on their land. Harassed by the local board on a consistent basis, Martha Boneta, was the highlight of a documentary from the Charles Koch Institute which took a look at regulations on farming and land use. She was cited for violations which are normal parts of human life. Like most farmers, she sold some of her goods from her home; which apparently did not sit right with her government. She was also accused of hosting an illegal non-permitted “event” on her private homestead. Said event was a birthday party for a neighbor. What does it say about governmental overreach when a friendly, private, and quiet birthday party on private land now requires a permit? It is absolutely ridiculous. No public land or funds were used in any shape or form yet a $1,500 fine was assessed and enforced by the courts. Such a block of both a commercial enterprise, in selling items made on the farm and fines for private use of private property are an abhorrent overreach and crush human innovation and spirit. Bureaucracy has a way of expanding itself to an enormous size crowding out those it was meant to serve and instead of making them like serfs subject to the masters rule. We could all do with “less bureaucracy”.