Great Success for People and Nature Too!

This past weekend the 2012 CFACT Eco-Summit was held at the Lakewoods Resort in Cable, WI.  The summit brought together students from all over the country with 10 different schools being represented.  The three day summit helped prepare students for the upcoming school year in their fight against the radical left on campus.  It also encouraged students to build a network of support with other like-minded students from across the country.

Throughout the summit, students heard from several expert speakers ranging on topics from Fracking (Induced Hydraulic Horizontal Drilling), to the created false crisis of Anthropogenic Global Warming, to how government over-regulation in the mining industry is actually stalling economic prosperity.  This year speakers were; Film-Maker, Karen Moreau; Nuclear Physicist, Dr. Kelvin Kemm, COO of Polymet Mining, Joe Scipioni; World’s foremost global warming skeptic, Lord Christopher Monckton; CFACT Executive Director, Craig Rucker; Center for Industrial Progress Founder, Alex Epstein; Climatology Professor, Dr. David Legates.

Mixed in with speakers were interactive breakout workshops where the students were given “grassroots activism 101” lessons along with a whole host of new tools to use on campus.  Students created chapter action plans, where they created the outline of activities and events they would have on campus.

When asked about their experiences from the summit the students were excited to give a reply.  Syracuse University Junior, Darcy Joyce stated “It was such a pleasant change of pace to be surrounded by others who share the same beliefs about conservation, responsible resource development, and global warming. Go CFACT!”  GA Tech Senior, Andres Celedron said “My favorite speaker was Joe Scipioni, he definitely knew what he was talking about and he has firsthand experience with the burdensome EPA regulations”.  Union College Senior, Olivia O’Malley said “CFACT was an amazing experience this year! Learning the truth about fracking and mining was truly eye-opening”.