CFACT Southern Regional Director Graham Beduze’s message hits home to University of Georgia Students!

CFACT Southern Regional Director Graham Beduze explains CFACT’s position on todays environmental issues.

CFACT Southern Regional Director Graham Beduze made an appearance at the University of Georgia in Athens to speak with students from the conservative group Turning Point USA. Though the University of Georgia lies well in the conservative south the green agenda has been intrenched there for some time and students do not think twice in furthering their professors alarmist agenda. However, the Turning Point USA Chapter at the University of Georgia is working hand in hand with CFACT students to dispel the lies and pseudo science too often pushed by the alarmist.

“One of the best ways of fighting back against the green agenda on campus is to know and have some key facts memorized before hand that way you can stop their narrative in its tracks by presenting actual evidence to combat their conjecture, ” said Graham.  “Another is to actually live out what you preach and coordinate litter clean ups and tree plantings around your school. The greens talk a big game but almost never walk the walk.” 

Graham takes questions from University of Georgia students.

Other topics discussed were the recent moves in the Trump administration to leave the Paris Climate Accord. One student asked, ” Is the fight over now that we are out of this agreement, have the skeptics won?” Graham explained that even though this was a big step in the right direction now is as important a time as ever to keep up the fight and not back down against the alarmist. Now is the time to really be on the offensive on your beliefs and let your voice be heard. Not become apathetic and yell victory before the war is over. 

CFACT’s approach to changing hearts and minds through sound science, thought provoking events, and dynamic speakers was the final message Graham Beduze left with the students.  CFACT is proud to work with other groups such as Turning Point USA to help get the good news of climate realism to the masses.