Wind Turbines: More Harm Than Good

Australia has put an end to government subsidies of wind farms. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott frankly said that the farms are “visually awful.” Abbott strikes a point that brings to light the hypocrisy of environmentalist opinions on the subject.

While green activists howl at any rumor of development of preserved lands or natural habitats, the same outrage seems to disappear when miles of scenic vistas and natural areas are covered with giant turbines.

It is also common for birds to fly into wind turbines and die. Where is the outrage by environmentalists at the unnecessary killing of these animals? As long as the death of animals fits into the renewable energy agenda, apparently it does not matter.

The hypocrisy on wind turbines comes to a head in the area of productivity. It is claimed that wind energy is revolutionizing the energy industry, but without government subsidies, wind turbines would not exist. If productivity is so abysmal that an industry can only survive via government funding, the industry should not be supported at all. I don’t want my tax dollars going to something that isn’t actually productive. Private companies are the ones who should be doing research as to whether wind turbines can be developed in a way so that they can meet realistic energy demands without having to cover entire landscapes and kill birds. That is the only way that truly efficient and reliable turbines will be developed.

An industry that is guaranteed money by the government with no competition will never improve in the way that it should, because it doesn’t have to. We all want energy that is reliable, affordable, and has limited impact on the environment. But until entrepreneurs find a way to make that happen for wind turbines, the only thing they will be efficient in is destroying the environment.