Valiant: Three Reasons Why Climate Skepticism is Rising


Valiant: Three Reasons Why Climate Skepticism is Rising

When Al Gore released the film An Inconvenient Truth the world was sent into a darkness, literally, as tried and true methods of energy began to be replaced by weak green counterparts.

This then lead to various marketing campaigns and shopping trends encouraging a sort of saviour mentality by the consumer. Slogans included, “There’s nothing like a compact car for bringing a family together.” Or, “Earth without trees is like pizza without cheese.”

As sad as many of these slogans might be, the public began to buy into the hysteria. Then, like a domino effect fossil fuels, and private property became bad words over night. The energy system that had brought us unrivaled prosperity and given us life saving technology was officially under attack.

It was a Blitzkrieg, the green lobby had dealt a major blow to freedom and prosperity but the battle was far from over.

Over the past years heroes of humanity have come forward. Many of them risking their jobs, and reputation to fight against a world-wide injustice and reveal the truth behind the lie of climate change.

Here are three reasons why our side is winning.

1.The word climate skeptic has now become a household name. This has label has brought validity to the cause as people from all types of different backgrounds have come forward as climate skeptics. Ranging from academic, advocacy, and political. Climate skepticism is a belief gaining more momentum every day

  1. Europe once at the forefront of climate alarmism is now turning its back on the pseudoscience. Great Britain’s disassembling of it’s climate change department as well as Poland’s refusal to green alternatives shows a change in direction and a return to real energy.

3. Finally, alarmist say so themselves. Senator Whitehouse of Rhode Island recently called out many liberty organizations including our own Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.  This outburst coupled with Bill Nye the alarmist guy’s constant remarks and attacks proves that the skeptic movement is having an effect and is recognized as a force to be reckoned with.