Taking Advantage of Hurricanes

This last week Hurricane Patricia, the most powerful storm ever recorded in the western hemisphere, hit Mexico, and climate alarmists were quick to blame the storm on climate change. They like to claim that climate change will increase the number of extreme weather events, like Patricia, and cause them to be more powerful; however, the problem is if climate change is real it will most likely have the opposite result. According to science, global warming would actually cause fewer hurricanes.

Climate alarmists are also making Patricia out to be a harbinger of doom, a dire portent of things to come, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While the IPCC says the hurricanes may be slightly more powerful, the increase will be so small it will be very difficult to detect. Another problem for alarmists is those slightly stronger storms would be kept away from the shore due to weather changes caused by global warming.

Climate alarmists are simply using Patricia as a means to further their political agenda. Instead of looking at the facts (which would refute their claims) they are pandering to fear. Change shouldn’t be driven by fear. Change should be driven by reason.