NASA’s Assumption Problem

When it comes to climate change, one of the most popular topics warmists like to talk about is the “dire” state of our polar ice caps. Whether it is the Arctic ice caps, which according to Al Gore were supposed to have vanished  this year, or the ice of the Antarctic, warmists routinely say that man made global warming is causing them to shrink. However, there are several problems warmists fail to recognize.

The first problem for warmists is actually caused by the ice itself. Instead of disappearing, like the warmists say it should, the ice caps are actually doing pretty well. This year the arctic ice caps were the largest they have been since 2006, and right now global sea ice levels are at the highest level they have been since 1988.

One region warmists point to when it comes to melting ice is the glaciers of the western Antarctic. NASA recently stated that this region is losing ice because of global warming caused by humans. According to them, global warming is causing the temperature of the ocean surrounding Antarctica to rise, which in turn is causing glaciers, such as those in the Amundsen Sea Embayment, to melt. What NASA failed to mention is the area surrounding the Amundsen Sea Embayment is currently undergoing geothermal activity. They simply assumed manmade climate change is the culprit.

This is a second problem warmists often overlook. There are factors other than manmade global warming that can cause sea ice to melt. Geothermal activity is a naturally occurring event, there is even evidence that volcanoes have punched through the Antarctic glaciers in the past. Research presented at the American Geophysical Union suggests that in the last 50,000 years, the Antarctic has seen two cases where volcanoes have disrupted glaciers.

By being so eager to prove that mankind is the sole cause of climate change, warmists are doing the world a great disservice. Instead of being responsible, and trying to look into every possible cause and explanation for the current activity in the Amundsen Sea Embayment, NASA is jumping to conclusions in order to support its warmist agenda. Currently, warmists are proposing massive changes that could cause major disruptions to the world economy, and it would be a shame if these changes were carried out based on flawed information.