Georgetown radicals shout down CFACT climate forum!

Update: You can watch the protesters attempt to derail the forum and clash with police officers on YouTube here!

Last night a mob of protestors tried to shut down CFACT’s climate rebuttal event at Georgetown University.

Police report on the protesters disturbing the forum

They shouted, blew horns, pounded on windows, and chanted over CFACT’s Marc Morano and Paul Driessen and others as they attempted to give their presentations to the packed room. Campus police were required to come in to escort the disruptors out.

The UN’s climate roadshow started at Georgetown University and then is coming to a crescendo in New York City the weekend and week following this event. Last night’s shameless display was just the beginning of the hypocrisy and radicalism that will be on display for the world to see.

Police ask protesters to leave

The Georgetown event was hosted by the College Republicans, who wanted to work with CFACT to offer a fact-based rebuttal to the 2-day MSNBC climate forum on campus featuring several Democratic candidates for president. The rebuttal event ran for 2 hours in between MSNBC’s coverage.  CFACT’s forum was featured in Newsweek.  We also worked with the CO2 Coalition and the Institute for Energy Research.

Police arrive

The alarmists had two days to make wild claims.  Those of us countering them with facts had two hours. That was more free speech than the Left could tolerate.

When campus police arrived the protesters obstructing the event refused to leave, saying “this is a public forum” and “we were invited to come here.”

For the radical Greens, it’s free speech for me, but not for thee.

The police tried to reason with the protesters.

In response, the disruptors chanted: “What do we want? Climate Justice! When do we want it? Now!”

Apparently, these students don’t care about justice for those in the developing world who have been denied access to the electricity, clean water, and medicines that come from a modern society flourishing from fossil fuels.

Marc finally delivers his talk

Had the protesters actually listened to Paul Driessen’s or Dr. Caleb Rossiter’s talks, they would have learned about that.

The intolerant Left cannot stand any opposition.  When their assertions are countered with facts they collapse.

CFACT won’t sit idly by as our freedoms are stripped away in the name of climate craziness.