Connecticut students clean up creek near campus

Students comb the banks of the creek for any litter that could be removed.

To put their stewardship principles into action, Collegians from the University of Hartford, CT, teamed up to clean up the small waterways that wind near campus.

The “Wash Brook” runs through the North Branch State Access Area park north of campus and then widens and bends around Hartford’s campus. Students came together to clean up the trash that has accumulated near the shores of this small waterway at underpasses and bridges that help connect the roads near the school.

This event was performed prior to the coronavirus pandemic closing schools worldwide. Kevin Schaeffer, a student who helped organize the event, said he thought it was a good idea because it allowed people to do a worthwhile activity in nature, as opposed to gathering together in a closed space in close contact.

Hartford Collegians pose after a hard days’ work cleaning up trash from the stream.

“I posted flyers that said if you want to earn some CFACT gear, to gather some friends and perform some stewardship of the campus environment,” Kevin explained. “It was great to see a lot of students take part in giving their time to cleaning up nature!”

Students like Kevin and the great Collegians who spent part of their busy schedules cleaning up the stream around campus are eager to get back to work as soon as schools start up again in the fall. Let’s hope that by that time the closures are lifted and all our students can get back to work!

“Wait, I found one more!”