CFACT at Vanderbilt University leads by example and cleans up state park!

Students at Vanderbilt University CFACT  practiced what they preached and took a hike to clean up Rock Island State Park in Tennessee!  CFACT President at Vanderbilt University Grace Cancelmo organized the event with other environmentally concerned students and cleaned up the walking trail along the boundaries of the park. 

Vanderbilt student hikes on recent trip.

Putting environmental stewardship into action is a core component to CFACT’s philosophy and one Grace wanted to highlight early in the year for Vanderbilt students to see. “Everyone had a blast getting out in nature and cleaning up the park,” said Grace “ We hope to hold more events and get the word out about CFACT and how to best steward nature for all to enjoy!”

Trash picked up by students.

The CFACT chapter at Vanderbilt while still in its infancy is making waves with students and increasing in number everyday! CFACT Associate Director Graham Beduze commented on the success of he chapter by saying, “ Vanderbilt students want what all students hope to see in a message and that is authenticity. Grace practiced what she preached and got her hands dirty and others were inspired and followed suit. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Vanderbilt CFACT! “

Student looks for trash to pick up near the lake.

Fall 2019 is in full swing here at CFACT Campus! Please keep on the lookout for more stories like this one and thank you for your continued support to chapters like these!