Why Cant We Just Unite on Natural Gas?


With coal being the focus of attack by the green mafia, and natural gas being both cheap and clean the time seems perfect to better our investment in natural gas infrastructure.

Could this be the moment in history that the green lobby will meet at the table and finally support a responsible and cost effective energy option?

Think about it, what better way for the armies of the Sierra Club and Greenpeace to stick it to the evil coal companies than by pushing for a mass exodus toward natural gas.

Not only would they be supposedly limiting carbon emissions, but they would also be keeping the price of energy relatively low per kilowatt hour as well.

However, instead what we have seen is a dramatic turn toward a sort of gas inquisition, as fracking has been treated like a witch in Salem in many states. Mind you this is after incredible amounts of money have gone to rural communities and farmers due to land leases. You know, the little people. The same people who the greens claim to be saving from the evil fossil fuel industry.

This assault is due to the ever present fact that the green lobby doesn’t really care about the little man, nor the need for real, American, energy. It has always been about control of the market through regulations. The Obama administration once touted natural gas as the bridge to a green future. However, when the bridge turns out to be better than the end product, you can’t help but wonder if the bridge was ever intended to function at all. In the end our hopes of the greens coming to their senses on responsible energy falls short once again.