Whale of a Tale in Alaska

Currently President Obama is visiting Alaska, and he is using his trip as a pretense to push for more regulation to prevent “climate change.” According to Obama’s whale of a tale, if we do not act on climate change it will lead to a world where entire countries are submerged under rising sea levels and the survivors will fight over what remains. The problem with the President’s dire warning is it is a work of fiction.

Global warming has been at a standstill for nearly nineteen years, and arctic ice levels have been steadily improving. Even if climate change was the massive threat Obama and other alarmists claim it is, his policies would do little to stop it.

Obama’s Clean Power Plan would drastically increase the cost of electricity for millions of Americans, but it would only stop 0.015°C of warming 2100. Even the changes the UN wants to introduce in Paris would do little help the environment if the alarmists are right. The pledges the UN wants the world to agree to at Paris, which would do a massive amount of harm to the global economy, would only slow climate change by around eight months.

Unfortunately, the left isn’t really concerned about protecting the environment, they are merely using the environment to push their agenda forward.