CFACT Kingfishers Against Windmills Event is a Home Run at University of Illinois

The college baseball season recently started and CFACT joined in the festivities of this all-
American tradition in a way that only this organization can.

CFACT National Field Director Greg Neff joined up with Driessen Fellow Eann Tang to crash the Bradley University versus University of Illinois game in full costume. The school which had long been represented by a native warrior a few years ago swapped mascots for a bird called the kingfisher.

The daring activists dressed up in giant bird costumes representing the school’s symbol and
charged into the game brandishing “kingfishers against windmills” signs to bring awareness to the death toll caused to birds of all varieties by the monstrous energy plants spread across the state.

The fun was short-lived, however, as game security came out to confiscate the signs, but the pair were allowed to remain in the ballpark.