Washington University Fights Frankenfood Myths with Frankenfood Facts

2015-10-23 12.07.39One of the most persistent problems about GMOs is the myth that they are somehow bad for humans to eat. Many believe GMOs to be the product of a crazy scientist who has been slaving away in some secret lab, just waiting to unleash his creation upon the world. But it turns out these “Franken Foods” actually aren’t all that bad.2015-10-23 13.35.21 And that is what students at the University of Washington-Saint Louis set out to prove.

To disprove these Franken Food myths CFACT shared Franken Food facts. Many students were surprised by what we had to say.  Some students were amazed to learn how beneficial GMOs can be in the developing world. “I have never heard of golden rice,” said one student, “it sounds like pretty cool stuff.” When it comes to malnutrition in the developing world we should use all of the tools at our disposal.

Other student had no idea that GMOs can actually help the environment by reducing the use of pesticides. Until today some believed GMOs actually put more chemicals into the environment. It is important to share the facts about GMOs because otherwise these Franken Food myths will continue to persist.