The Government Invades…Your Kitchen?

Everybody knows the government has a big impact on our daily lives. Whether it is our power bill, what you drive, your taxes, or even your job, the government is involved. So what is the next government intrusion? Well it is happening in your kitchen.

The Department of Energy is proposing new regulations that govern how much water dishwashers can use per cycle.  The new proposed regulations would limit the amount of water a dishwasher could use to just over three gallons per cycle, severely limiting the effectiveness of any new dishwashers.

The Department of Energy proposed these regulations without consulting any dishwasher makes, and the results speak for themselves. According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufactures this amount of water is simply insufficient to clean dishes with, and in their tests they “found some stuff that was pretty disgusting.”

Government intervention is rarely a good thing, especially when they ignore input from experts in the field they are regulating. Hopefully the Department of Energy will go back to the drawing board on this crazy intrusion into our kitchen. If they don’t it sounds like we might have to run out dishwashers a few extra times just to get clean dishes.