The Alaskan Climate Frontier

It is rumored that President Obama will reveal a new initiative on climate change during his 3 day trip to Alaska in the upcoming days. The White House released a new video outlining the reasons for Obama’s trip: to bring awareness to the effects of climate change on the Alaskan environment. While no mention of any new initiative was made in the video, Climate Depot’s Marc Morano said that it is rare for the President to make a trip like this without some sort of new announcement.

It is ironic that the President is traveling to the country’s coldest, most oil rich state to bring awareness to global warming and the effects of carbon emissions. But the real reason Obama is making this trip is to prepare for the United Nations conference on climate change coming in Paris in December of this year.

Obama has also felt the pressure from liberal groups who actually think that his record on climate is not liberal or forceful enough. Recently, the President was called out by liberal environmental groups for allowing drilling in Alaska while planning this trip to bring awareness to climate change in the same state.

It is scary to think what the President’s EPA would look like if he was as liberal as some of these groups want him to be. Already Obama’s EPA has issued the Clean Power Plan which will drastically increase energy prices. The President has also refused to allow the Keystone Pipeline. These policies alone have and will make it harder for everyday Americans to heat and power their homes, not to mention fill up at the pump. But to President Obama, the EPA, radical environmentalists, and the United Nations, the plight of all these middle and lower class Americans seems to be unimportant.