So-Cal CFACT Beach Clean Up!

Picking up Trash at the Beach

Picking up Trash at the Beach

While most of the nation was covered in snow this winter, San Diego public beaches were covered in trash.

The site of fast food and other various arrangements of garbage covering the sand prompted Gabriella Hoffman of UC San Diego CFACT to take things into her own hands -she organized a clean-up!

“Parts of the beach were getting really bad,” she said.

Fellow club member Aaron Day agreed:

“The beach has been filthy for a while now and the state doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it, so we are going to take some responsibility.”

The group is planning to re-visit the beach once per month to monitor the situation and determine whether or not more action is needed. They will also temporarily “pick-up” some slack for the state. The students are most concerned that the money allotted to keep the beach clean may be going to bureaucratic desk jobs instead of constructive solutions.

UC San Diego CFACT students believe that the free-market may provide a less costly and more effective means by which to keep the beach clean -they also need jobs.