Should The Climate Alarmist Disown Al Gore?


Should The Climate Alarmist Disown Al Gore-

In professional sports of all kinds players, coaches, and even team owners are known to make various blunders from time to time. Most of the time it is acting out in anger toward a teammate or member of the press, other times it is a much more serious offense. At the end of the day the team and the league must agree to a punishment to the crime, and if the behavior continues eventually decide if the player is worth remaining on the team.

The climate debate is no different. There are two teams as the alarmist continue to argue the world is going to end by cow flatulence and hairspray, and the skeptics who are well skeptical of such accusations.

Both teams in this debate have players who continue to argue the data and present their case to the public.

However, though both teams have players that are rather eccentric and can even come off as brash at times, one player seems to always be in the limelight for needing to insert foot in mouth. That player is none other than past Vice President Al Gore.

Al Gore is no stranger to being in the spotlight for various gaffs, but with his rise as the self proclaimed leader of the alarmist team one must start to wonder if his is helping or hurting his side. With statements such as  “fining people for certain thoughts,” or his many misleading and false claims that were fact checked by even members of his own team. Al Gore continues to throw grenades time and time again on his own side. The ball is now in the alarmist court as their patience seems to be wearing thin and the time on the clock continues to tick. One can only hope that a draft is near, and the chance to rally behind a new leader is in the works. In the meantime skeptics will continue to pop the best GMO popcorn and watch the show.