Reds Turn Green In Copenhagen

Save the Planet, Scrap Capitalism -Reds Turn Green in Copenhagen

CFACT exclusive, shocking video and interviews of prominent socialist and communist participation in “People’s Rally” for climate action at Copenhagen Summit

Exclusive video taken by CFACT shows masses of communists and socialists rallying in Copenhagen during the UN climate summit demanding that the world abandon capitalism and embrace socialism to stop global warming.

‘It was truly shocking to arrive at a climate action rally in Copenhagen and literally see a sea of red flags and banners with hammers and sickles,’ says CFACT President David Rothbard. ‘I don’t believe most environmentalists are secretly communists, but it interesting to see that many communists believe the green agenda is the best path toward socialist policies.’

Some marchers wore hats saying, “Save the Planet. Scrap Capitalism.” One marcher said, “We fight for a socialist society and a socialist program for the climate. I believe in international solidarity in socialism. That’s the way forward.”

Watch the video HERE.

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