Read Eco-Imperialism, You’ll Hate It

We all have that list of books that we want to read. Every once in a while we’re able to knock one off that list, and Eco-Imperialism by Paul Driessen should be moved to the top of your “to-read list.”

Why? Because you’ll hate it. That’s right, you will hate it, because of what the book brings to light. Eco-Imperialism focuses (through the first 60 pages at least) on how non-profit and non-governmental green organizations have an impact in the world. I expected the book to reveal some negative consequences of pro-environment advocacy. I did not expect it to reveal a rampant disregard for human life, especially in Africa. It will make you angry, and you will hate what is going on in the world.

The issue that hit the hardest for me was the anti-GMO movement. GMO food, which stands for food containing genetically modified organisms, makes crops and other foodstuffs better resist insects and viruses, and provide more food on each stalk, among other benefits. Advocacy groups have raised concerns however that GMO foods can have negative health effects on humans and can harm the environment. Multiple scientists and officials with experience in the subject have offered evidence in contrast to those claims. But this is not the part that will make you angry.

The part that will make you angry is when environmental groups put so much pressure on governments and officials that they stop food shipments to millions of starving people in Africa, because the food contained GMO’s. What will make you angry is when eco-terrorists destroy laboratories and farms testing the ability of GMO food to provide nutrition to thousands of children around the world who go blind due to lack of sufficient food and vitamins.

Get angry, and read Eco-Imperialism.