President Craig Rucker speaks at the University of South Carolina

Last week, prior to Hurricane Ian making landfall in South Carolina, CFACT president Craig Rucker spoke to the University of South Carolina’s Turning Point U.S.A. chapter on free market environmentalism. The speech, which was well received, helped educate conservative students on how free market economic principles can be applied to environmental issues. During his speech, he used topical examples of current environmental activists, politicians and the highly restrictive laws, policies and regulations they propose.

Rucker is optimistic about his experience at USC adding, “It’s great to know that students share the same enthusiasm we do at CFACT for these issues.”

The bond which was struck on this productive visit has formed a potential alliance with a campus that we are becoming more acquainted with. Currently in South Carolina, a recent environmental initiative has been proposed to thwart the use of clean coal (a refined form of coal used to reduce its emissions). The devastating effects of these restrictions could takeaway jobs and make electricity costs skyrocket. Surveying the student body, Stephen Jones, our National Field Coordinator, took it to campus and asked the passing by student body what they thought of this.

Overwhelmingly, students were in support of clean coal and its corresponding job creations and lower electrical costs. The results are promising and we our thrilled to know that free market environmental progress policies are gaining student support. “I enjoyed the students’ engagement and am glad to say that after surveying over 150 students the results are very positive. I’m excited to see the students finish this important survey,” Jones would later say.

Students at the University of South Carolina will be continuing to carry out this survey to completion to garner a greater number representative of the student body.

All of us at CFACT offer up our thoughts and prayers to those affected by Hurricane Ian.