Lord Monckton Finishes Up Tour With CFACT

Recently, Lord Christopher Monckton, finished up a tour of several CFACT campuses, culminating in a media whirlwind. Lord Monckton, a former policy advisor to UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, is an expert on global warming science and climate change. His DVD, ‘Apocalypse? NO!’ was created in response to Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.

Lord Monckton began his journey in Madison, Wi where he spoke to a group of over 250 students and community members at UW- Madison. It was here that he first broke the news in the United States regarding the treaty which is set to be signed in Copenhagen this December.

He then traveled to St. Paul, Mn where he spoke to a large group of students at the University of Minnesota and also another event that was co sponsored by CFACT and the Minnesota Free Market Institute. Here, thousands of folks gathered to hear Lord Monckton settle the science once and for all.

‘The Science is in, and our side [the skeptics] has won!’ declared Lord Monckton. Watch the YouTube video of clips of the event.

From Minnesota, he then flew to Atlanta, GA where he was hosted by CFACT at Georgia Tech. The last college on his tour this fall with CFACT was Texas A&M. Lord Monckton continued to spread the word about the Copenhagen treaty.

It was because of this tour that the world is buzzing about the treaty now! Overall, CFACTers should be proud of their efforts to bring such a fantastic speaker to their schools!