Hottest Year on Record?

The media has been spouting off on how 2015 was the warmest year on record, thus proving that global warming alarmists’ claims are true. But this seemingly simple claim ignores several key pieces of information.

The first piece is that temperatures are still below computer projections that predicted a much hotter Earth than have experienced.


The second is that the measurements being used to support the hottest year on record claim are from terrestrial data, not satellite data. Any climate scientist, or someone who has a basic understanding of science, will tell you that satellite data is far more accurate than terrestrial data, which is subject to local biases and temperatures.

Thirdly, when viewed from a larger trend, despite any data from 2015, there has been ZERO global warming for almost 19 years. No warming 18 years 9 months

Finally, numbers from 2015 look higher than they are because analysts have included extremely cold years from decades ago into the consideration. 

So, before you buy into the ‘hottest year on record’ claim, know the facts.