Guilt: The Left’s Greatest Weapon

When people look at the numerous environmental disasters of our time it is hard not to be angry. Whether it is the Exxon Valdez or BP oil spill, or the numerous near extinct animals due to supposed bad hunting practices..

For many young people the choice of action seems clear, adjust your life so that you do not contribute to the problem at hand. Whether  that choice is becoming vegan so that you personally can feel redemption for the numerous species gone before their time. Or to switch over to “green energy” after all it was those oil companies that caused all the damage to the ecosystems right?

On the surface it seems like the just and morally righteous thing to do, however one issue seems to stick out. Why are you guilty for something you did not cause? Why is it that the actions of others now cause you to radically reform your life?

The answer is the mobilization of the left’s best weapon, guilt. By causing the blame game to be passed around the weight of all devastation and bad decisions the left makes on a day to day basis can now be transferred to you. The hardworking honest citizen who really just wants to be left alone to provide for his/her self and family.

The same can be said about the left’s green alarmist army. The millionaire political class that dominates the liberal elite seem to have no shame about the numerous government atrocities they commit. Or the countless families they continue to bankrupt due to the attack on coal jobs and the push for higher electric bills due to expensive wind and solar additions.

However, it seems that the tide is beginning to turn based on the recent US election and the numerous referendums moving across Europe after Brexit.  People have had enough and are beginning to be sick of being held at gunpoint by costly regulations and double standards that have dominated the jobs and energy sector of the economy for the past eight years.

Though momentum seems to have shifted it is important now more than ever to continue to fight against the left’s blame game and stand tall for the moral case for real affordable and efficient energy. It is also just as important to hold accountable the recently elected members of government as well as the incoming administration to make sure they hold true to their promises regarding the deregulation of the energy sector. One thing is certain, if we fail to push back and fight against the alarmist climate agenda now while the tide has turned we will be very much guilty for the world we may be living in for years to come.