GMO Awareness Giveaway at University of Minnesota

2015-10-02 18.10.23CFACT students at the University of Minnesota wanted to spread awareness about the importance of GMO’s on their campus, so they decided to host a GMO giveaway! They set up shop outside of the dorms at the U of M and the power of free food attracted a ton of students. Understandably, some students had their doubts about GMOs, but the U of M CFACT students were ready with the facts.2015-10-02 18.02.56-1

One of the most common misconceptions about GMOs is they somehow pollute farmlands. This couldn’t be farther from the truth and U of M students were surprised to learn GMOs can reduce pesticide use (since they are designed to be resistant to many common pests) and prevent accidental overkill of beneficial native species. Other students were concerned about the effects consuming GMOs would have on humans; however, they were unaware the USDA and FDA rigorously test GMOs before they are approved for human use.

2015-10-02 18.08.24CFACT students also drew attention to the benefits GMOs can have for the developing world. U of M CFACT president John Mickley said, “GMOs can be a huge help to people in the developing world. They will help fight malnutrition, can be grown with fewer pesticides, and are resistant to drought. It is one thing for us to choose to go organic, but another thing to force starving people to give up GMOs.” Many advances in GMO technology could greatly benefit the developing world. GMOs can create drought resistant crops or make crops more nutritious. Human suffering is very real, and we should use all of the tools at our disposal to fight it.