Five Reasons Why Labeling GMOs is a Bad Idea.


Five Reasons Why Labeling GMOs is a Bad Idea.

The newest wave of regressive regulations comes in the form of many state and local governments voting whether to label or not label GMOs in food.

At first glance this looks like a great idea. Who wouldn’t want more transparency in what they are eating?  Labeling could also hold farmers accountable as to how they are raising crops.”

However, when dug into a bit deeper the true reasons for labeling GMOs begin to look familiar. The intention seems to be less about the public’s well being and more about government interfering in a new way into the lives of farmers and main street businesses.

Here are five simple reasons why at this point in time you should vote no on these measures regarding GMO labeling.

 1. Food made from genetically engineering has very little difference to it’s non GMO counterpart in regards to taste, nutritional info, safety.        Therefore why spend tons of money and heartache trying to label and differentiate two very similar products?


2. GMO Crops are much safer due to less chemicals needed for the crops growth and survival.


 3. A recent study from Cornell University suggest the cost of food will rise drastically due to the mandatory labeling which affects the consumer.

4. A University of California at Berkeley study suggest famers will be hit the hardest over this legislation.

5. Emerging nations will be hesitant to invest in more GMO crops due to the hysteria and fear mongering that would be caused by the confusion post legislation. This would put efforts to quench food shortages on hold and thus more lives would be lost in the interim.