Eco Summit at Giants Ridge

10906199_10205876827225254_6962593007740644727_nThis year’s Eco Summit in Minnesota proved to be a great success! Students from all over the country braved the sub 0 temperatures to get a feel for global warming propaganda. Issues such as fracking, green energy, and climate science were discussed. We also hit the slopes to enjoy some skiing and snowboarding!

Our very own Craig Rucker opened the event to discuss our vision. Mar Marano of, and referred to by some as the “Godfather of Climate Change,” explained the policy behind global warming hype. Dr. Roy Spencer, Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, lectured on global warming science. Senior Policy Advisor, Paul Driessen, delivered his view on human impact on climate change. We also had Karen Moreau, executive director of the NYS Petroleum Council, and Randy Eminger, chairman of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, panel on fracking.

It was exciting to see students learning so much while having a ton of fun and getting to know one another. There were even a couple who were unsure at first, and by the end of the summit came out to say their minds were changed. Justin and I were able to teach on tabling and flyer creating so students could get active and start chapters upon returning to campus. Christina also taught on the importance of dealing with the media.

We look forward to seeing what these motivated students will be doing on campus. Stay tuned!