CFACT’s Marc Morano Visits Connecticut

Marc Morano, CFACT’s Senior Editor of visited Connecticut the last week of November and addressed audiences at Hartford University and the University of Connecticut.  The trip was originally planned for late October but was postponed by Hurricane Sandy.  Morano quipped, “While Sandy may have caused my delay, I can assure you that Globabl Warming didn’t cause the Hurricane.”

Morano addressed his audiences about the UN’s continued treaty talks and that the scientific reality on virtually every claim of the promoters of man-made climate fears are failing. Morano noted, “The now defunct and “scientifically meaningless” Congressional climate bill failed. The UN global warming treaty process lay in shambles. What went wrong? What do current climate claims have in common with medieval witchcraft?”

Collegian Michael McGuigan was especially pleased with Marc’s talk, “his remarks about Global Warming were very well put together, and really hit the nail on the head: global warming is an agenda not a science.”