CFACT Kicks off @ UND Activities Fair!

Fall is already upon us, and all across the country students are returning to their campus for the start of the fall semester.  As a new school year starts, so too does CFACT’s mission to spread our unique brand of conservative, flamelogofree market environmentalism to colleges and universities across the country. CFACT’s first stop of the year was the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks North Dakota.

CFACT was able to work with the UND chapter of the College Republicans, who shared their table with us, to engage students about the free-market approach to protecting the environment.  Everyone agrees protecting the environment is important, but for some students this was the first time they heard a conservative answer to the policies advocated by the left. Other students excited to learn about CFACT’s message. “It is really important conservatives take a stand on this issue,” said one student. “The left is using the environment as another means to attack our American freedoms.”

The school year is only starting, and UND is just the beginning of CFACT efforts to reach out to students across the country.