CFACT Joins World Wide Premiere of Not Evil Just Wrong

Hundreds of students on campuses nationwide gathered in lecture halls, theatres, and dorm rooms tonight to watch the world premiere of the film “Not Evil Just Wrong“. The film focuses on the agenda of extreme environmentalists like Al Gore and James Hansen and how that agenda clashes with the agenda of human life on earth. Their policies will destroy productivity, will stagnant human and economic growth-particularly in the developing world.

The film hits on issues like the ban of DDT. DDT was the most effective weapon the US used against the malaria carrying mosquito. It effectively eradicated malaria from the US and most parts of Europe. Rachel Carson and her book “Silent Spring” were instrumental in banning DDT worldwide, because of false claims that DDT thinned the eggshells of birds. The WHO lifted the ban, proclaiming it to be safe and effective, but not before 40 million people in Africa died from malaria. Al Gore continues to advocate for a ban on DDT.

“Everyone needs to see this film. This is why CFACT exists, why we do what we do. We advocate for policies with human impact in mind, “says CFACT National Director Bill Gilles. “Al Gore and his side consistently promote policies that are based on (at best) shaky science and they don’t care how they will affect individuals or families”.

Students and community members turned out in droves to take part of the world premiere tonight. CFACT was proud to host premieres on over 15 campuses. More showings will follow… Stay tuned for information as to where and when those will take place!