CFACT Coordinator speaks to West Virginia State House

During this most recent Constitution Day, CFACT National Field Coordinator Bob Knee was invited to speak in front of the West Virginia State House of Delegates. Knee did not attend the event as a representative of CFACT, and spoke as a private citizen. The event, organized by Delegate S. Marshall Wilson, was put forward in an effort to draw publicity to the history and legacy of the United States Constitution. Lecturers from Patrick Henry College gave talks on the history of American jurisprudence, as well as the historical backdrop that necessitated the creation of a constitution. Several delegates rose to speak about the history of the Constitution, and how the federal government created West Virginia in the Civil War. Finally, Luis Patino, a political activist from Venezuela, closed the event by stating how important it was that we maintain checks and balances, highlighting what America could look like if we continuously inch further leftward.

At the invitation of his friend from graduate school, Knee spoke about the importance of federalism. He carefully rebutted the debate points made by the anti-federalists, represented by Del. Patrick McGeehan. Knee highlighted the importance of the federalists in helping shape American domestic policy, emphasizing that the U.S. needed to have credit to attract foreign investors. However, his most prescient points concerned foreign policy. He highlighted that America would not have had the power to influence the world in the benevolent way it has, had it not been for federalists penning the Constitution. He closed the speech with a rousing line, stating that “the world is more free when America is strong.”

After the event, Knee met with event-goers and supporters of Del. Wilson’s gubernatorial campaign.
Knee speaking from the dais in Charleston

After the event ended, Knee used the post-event social to mingle with and interact with coal miners and farmers from West Virginia and learned about the environmental issues affecting West Virginia. He said he looks forward to using the knowledge and experience he learned to promote CFACT’s mission. “I look forward to working alongside the people of West Virginia to help address their environmental concerns in my official capacity as CFACT’s National Field Coordinator. We’d love to help the Mountaineers out, however we can!”