CFACT Biola Presents: Apocalypse? No!

Recently, CFACT Biola hosted a showing of Lord Christopher Monckton’s Apocalypse? No!

The video highlights many of the lies associated with the liberal “global warming” movement -chief among them is the notion that climate change is “man-caused.”

In the video Lord Christopher Monckton highlights several inconvenient truths fatal to left-wing claims of impending doom!

Lord Monckton highlights the fact that  the thermometers used by left-wing global warming alarmists which purport show that the temperature is warming all over the earth are all located at airports. Since many airports are constantly expanding, and since many of them are located in areas that used to be suburban but are now urban, these thermometers show a slight warming trend.

Lord Monckton hihglights that these thermometers might show that slight localized warming exists, which is common sense. Isn’t it obvious that if you put a blacktop around a thermometer that used to be surrounded by grass the temperature in the immediate area will increase slightly? This is obviously very different than world-wide carbon-based warming!

In sharp contrast to airport thermometers, the thermometers located in the ocean do not show such warming trends, nor do atmospheric thermometers. Only the land thermometers show warming.

CFACT Biola Watches Apocalypse? No!

CFACT Biola Watches Apocalypse? No!

at most, the earth may experience about one degree of warming per century due to carbon