CFACT 2011 Truth 2 Power Conference a Huge Success!

CFACT T2P Conference
CFACT T2P Conference

CFACT T2P Conference

Collegians For A Constructive Tomorrow successfully completed their ninth Eco-Summit and first Truth 2 Power Conference to arm the best campus activists in the nation with the knowledge, skills, and arguments needed to promote a positive and realistic energy policy that will create jobs, promote energy security, and build our domestic energy potential.

Students from every corner of the United States gathered in the North Woods of Wisconsin to hear from speakers all over the world.

CFACT T2P Conference

CFACT T2P Conference

The CFACT conference stands as the kickoff to our direct response to the dangerous agenda of PowerShift 2011.

In April of this year, 10,000 leftist students met for the PowerShift conference to train and mobilize young people for “climate action”.  Their goals are to ban off shore drilling; ban the use of traditional energy sources such as coal, natural gas, and oil; subsidize energy “boondoggles” with stimulus funds and reduce CO2 emissions by 95% below 1990 levels by 2050.

To put that into perspective, they want to return America to the standard of living we enjoyed in 1882.

Power Shift’s platform is frightening. America cannot function on just wind, solar, and geothermal. The world economy will come crashing to its knees, and life as we know it will come to a screeching, green halt.

While this gathering may have escaped your attention, President Obama took notice. Uninvited, he made a surprise visit to support and encourage PowerShift ’s efforts.

There is no doubt that these student activists are armed with false information and ready to infiltrate our college campuses, to affect elections and to corrupt hearts and minds.

That is why CFACT has launched the Truth 2 Power initiative and will mobilize on America’s campuses to confront PowerShift’s agenda and promote a platform that will prosper lives, encourage innovation, and protect our environment.

Last week’s CFACT conference hosted four workshops that focused on the state of climate change science, the massive amount of energy production required to power a modern lifestyle, energy policies being promoted at the state and federal level, and how to communicate and market ideas on the campus and local community.

CFACT T2P Conference

CFACT T2P Conference

The Climate Workshop updated students on the unraveling ‘consensus’ of climate change, and blew large holes in PowerShift’s base rationale for energy rationing and restrictions.

Lord Christopher Monckton addressed the conference from Australia where he is currently helping to defeat a climate scheme by that country’s socialist prime minister.  Marc Morano from attended the conference and informed the students about the alarmists’ manipulations exposed in ‘ClimateGate’ and showed that the only ‘consensus’ on climate change was among the un-scientific bureaucrats at the United Nations.

NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer addressed the conference from his office in Huntsville, AL about his recent discoveries that were published in Forbes Magazine days before he spoke.

The second workshop focused on Energy Production, namely the massive amounts of energy required to power our modern lifestyles and the moral obligation we have to make that energy available to as many people as possible.

Nuclear physicist Dr. Kelvin Kemm from South Africa spoke of nuclear power generation and the human tragedy of energy poverty on the African continent.  Dr. Kemm outlined the stark truth of the human condition for those that do not enjoy the access to cheap and abundant energy that we enjoy in the United States.

Alex Epstein, founder of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Energy” attended the conference and put our energy needs in perspective – stating that the energy consumption of the average American household was the equivalent to having 600 servants – a lifestyle that could only be achieved in pre-industrial times by the serfdom, servitude or slavery of 600 fellow human beings.  Epstein clearly made the point that abundant energy not only created vast prosperity, but did so without destroying the liberty and freedoms of our fellow man.

The third workshop focused on the various energy policies that are found at the state and federal levels.

Randy Emminger from Clean Coal USA discussed the EPA’s recent regulatory power grab that threatens the closure of hundreds of power plants and the imposition of massive costs – well into the hundreds of billions – that the unelected bureaucrats at the EPA are set to impose on households and businesses.

Former energy lobbyist Mike Franklin reviewed several of the recent state policies that mandate so-called renewable energy – such as ’25 by 25’ – attempts to ban new extraction techniques such as fracking, and various other regulations meant to deny Americans access to their own supplies of energy.

The fourth, and most important workshop focused on developing plans and techniques to communicate CFACT’s message on climate and energy at the campus level, and engage the dangerous PowerShift agenda.  The speakers lead workshops that focused on event programming and follow through, effective photography and video production, communicating and gaining the interest of local media, grass roots organizing, and event brainstorming.

CFACT’s Truth 2 Power conference was a success, but it was only the first step in a year long campaign to engage the radical and alarmist agenda of the leftist PowerShift movement.  CFACT and its activists will engage these dangerous ideas on dozens of campuses that will serve as the battleground for the energy policies that will define our future – either the PowerShift version of fanciful renewables and bans on traditional energy and exploration, or CFACT’s vision of robust exploration, innovation, and abundant and prosperity inducing energy.

Marc Morano Discusses Faulty Science

Marc Morano Discusses Faulty Science