Cancun Eco-Summit Student Blog – Adam Motzko


Students, alongside staff, work to measure out and construct the chicken roost.

By: Adam Matzko


Today we had the opportunity to get started on our construction projects while the painting team continued painting the outside wall of the compound. Unfortunately, we had some issues with the delivery of our supplies from Home Depot, so we made due with what we had and got as much done as possible with what we had. With limited supplies, the garden team prepared a piece of gardening fabric for their garden bed and made final measurements and preparations for the lumber that will hopefully be delivered tomorrow.

We still have a lot of work to do if our goal is to complete these projects, so hopefully things will go smoothly from here on out. In the mean time, it’s important for all of us to step back and understand how we are helping the rehabilitation center in more ways than one. I personally feel blessed being given the opportunity to help others and for them to appreciate what I’m doing.

Tonight, we heard from Dr. Roy Spencer, who is an expert on the issue of global warming. He shared with us the scientific evidence to disprove the manmade global warming theory, including how the globe hasn’t reflected any warming at all in the last 15 years and because of that, the models that predict catastrophic results have already been proven wrong. We also heard from Craig Rucker about the international summits that occur about every year, in which bureaucrats from several different countries are sent to exotic places around the world to discuss and plan climate treaties.


With a delivery of full supplies to the rehabilitation center, we were able to make significant progress on all of our separate projects. Despite the hard work put into these projects over the last few days, everyone is eager to finish them and immediately see their benefits to the people living there.

Our chicken roost is nearly complete. Once we install brackets to make it stronger, we’ll be able to install it into the chicken coop and give the chickens the ability to lay eggs and provide more food for the people there. The garden project is also making good progress. Our garden boxes are near completion, and after that is finished, we’ll be able to install them directly into the garden and allow for sufficient soil to be used for tomatoes, radishes, carrots, and more. The original soil was rock hard, and so any planting attempts failed miserably.

One student works hard to dig up some of the dry soil in order to set the foundation for the garden boxes, soon to go in place.

One student works hard to dig up some of the dry soil in order to set the foundation for the garden boxes, soon to go in place.

Tonight we were privileged to hear from an expert on the coal industry. He talked about the benefits of clean coal and its effects on the environment, how the policies of President Obama have given the coal industry a difficult time, and how the use of alternative energy such as natural gas affects the coal industry. He also spent time describing how the EPA has taken over legal authority in environmental regulations and is passing these regulations without any approval from an elected body or Congress.