Bully: Why the EPA Should be the Focus of the White House’s Anti-Bullying Campaign.


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Growing up in life comes with a multitude of challenges. Learning how to swim and ride a bike are a few of the hurdles most kids will need to overcome on their way up the ladder.

Another issue that is also occurring in the early years is the need to learn how to stand up to bullies. However, in this modern age bullies are no longer just after your lunch. In an effort to help combat the bullying epidemic the White House launched stopbullying.gov. The website is made to help target, and educate parents on how to react to bullies in order to help kids and teens not circum to continued harassment.

Though I can’t but wonder if the campaign may be missing one of the biggest bullies of all time.

According to the site, a bully is described as a person who, “uses their power—such as strength, access to embarrassing information, or position—to control or harm others.”

Under this definition the Environmental Protection Agency   is a textbook example of a bully. No, they may not be after your new toy, but they are after your private property, job, and way of life.

No better example can be found than in the recent incident of Andy Johnson. Andy was a simple farmer living in Wyoming and when the EPA found out he had built a  stock pond for his cattle and horses they fined him more than sixteen million dollars.

Even after proving his pond was exempt from all laws regarding the Clean Water Act, and how all necessary permits were acquired from the state the EPA still continued to fine Andy more than $37,000 dollars a day.

“The use of power…to control and harm others,” clearly the EPA is guilty of this, and therefore it would make sense to start including them among the bike thieves, cyber bullies, and egg throwers of the world.