Beware Climate Colonialism

Climate change is making racism worse, and causing the refugee crisis, and decreasing our sex drive, and awakening frankoviruses from Siberia. Oh last one! Halloween pumpkins are also causing climate change.

These are not jokes. These are all real headlines published over the course of the last few months. Check them out here:

CC pumpkins CC Racism CC sex drive CC terrorism CC viruses

Now the latest in the “climate change is causing and is caused by absolutely everything” campaign is “climate colonialism.”

The theory is that the policies of developed nations through industrialization, driving cars, flying in planes, and drilling for oil, among a million other things, has caused extreme weather in underdeveloped parts of the world. So when third world countries experience floods, or rising sea levels, or hurricanes or droughts, it is not because those things typically happen more often in certain parts of the world, it is because other nations have not curbed carbon emissions.

This ignores the fact that according to NASA satellite data, there has been no global warming for almost 19 years. This ignores the fact that sea levels have only been rising 1 mm to 3 mm per year, and have been for generations. This ignores the fact that the rate of extreme weather has remained constant, despite sensationalist reports by the media. You can find all these facts and more here.

The worst part is that reparations for these supposed crimes against underdeveloped nations are close to being part of a climate agreement in Paris. But don’t worry, polluters like China and India won’t have to pay a dime! That will be the United States’ responsibility, even though China and India combined represent a greater percentage of global carbon emissions than the United States and Europe combined.

Fun times.