Bad News (for Climate Alarmists) from NASA

One of the biggest themes alarmists have been using to promote their agenda is global warming is destroying the polar ice caps. According to alarmists, if we do not stop global warming the polar ice caps will melt, polar bears will die, the sea will rise, and the world as we know it will pretty much come to an end. This doom and gloom message is well known, and it is a gripping narrative. The problem is this narrative is false.

NASA has recently come out with new data about the polar ice caps. This data, contrary to what many alarmists like to claim, shows the polar ice caps have not declined in the past 35 years. Despite the doom and gloom predictions of people like Al Gore who say that the polar ice caps will cease to exist (or should have ceased to exist in 2014) we have experienced three straight years of above average ice cover in the polar regions. Furthermore, new data from NASA shows the polar ice caps have actually not receded at all since NASA started observing them with satellites in the late 1970’s. This is very impressive when you consider the end of the 1970’s was a great time for the polar ice caps, as the world was emerging from a cooling period that had existed for at least 30 years, and the polar ice caps were already at near record levels.

Protecting the Earth is very important, but we must protect it from real threats, and not conjured up phantoms. Saving the polar bears from melting ice caps makes for a fantastic story, but in the end it is just that, a story with little data to back it up.