Aaron Clarey Speaks at UMD

Recently Aaron Clarey, the author of “Worthless” came to the University of Minnesota-Duluth to speak to students about the bleak outlook they are facing as they transition from college to the workforce. “He started off by saying that a college degree is pretty watered down in our country, especially compared to other countries,” recalled Junior Alicha Greenlee.

Aaron Clarey

Clarey explained the eroding standards in academia today, but did touch on a handful of degrees that he felt would be worthwhile in the future. “I am about to graduate here soon,” said UMD Senior Eric Miller, “and after hearing this I feel lucky to be in the engineering field. Unfortunately, neither of my roommates can say the same thing.” Beyond that, Clarey spoke on the mounting debt, both personal and national, and how that shapes what we can do. All and all, it left many listeners a little nervous about their futures, yet many were glad to hear this before graduation and have this thrust upon them. “This is just another example of the wonderful work and unique insight CFACT brings to our campus,” added Greenlee. “Without CFACT, our campus would only have one voice and that is not good for anyone.”