Pokemon Go & Energy


Pokemon Go and Energy


It seems just about everyone has taken to the streets with the release of the newest craze Pokemon Go. With the game being a free download available on most cell phones it has had a wide appeal and has set new records as the most downloaded mobile game of all time.


However, like all things Pokemon Go will have an end, and then there will be a new game to capture everyone’s attention and time.


One thing that will remain will be the fact that the vast majority of American’s will be able to enjoy the next big thing due to cheap energy.


Whether it is powering the cellphone data towers,wifi in homes or businesses, or the outlet to charge the phone itself. Cheap reliable energy enables the masses to enjoy these games without fear of skyrocketing electric bills, or crashing the infrastructure due to usage.


Other countries sadly do not have it so good. In Africa and many eastern european nations energy usage cost so much that the mainframe and infrastructure is dedicated mostly to the government and the military. Leaving little to know access to the everyday citizen.
If you believe games like Pokemon Go are made to be played and enjoyed by everyone around the world. Join us in supporting real energy for developing nations and together we might just catch them all.