Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad GMO? Not the University of Georgia!

Look out! You better be careful, or you could accidentally eat something containing the evil GMO, or genetically modified organism. Yet despite all the hype from radical environmentalists, students really don’t care.

At the University of Georgia, CFACT performed an experiment to remove the stigma of GMO’s being unhealthy and unsafe. CFACT students took corn chips that contained GMO ingredients and put them in a bowl labeled “Non-GMO Food.” They did the reverse with corn chips having no GMO’s in them, and labeled those chips as “GMO Food.”

IMG_1281They got the same response over and over. When asked how they thought the GMO chips tasted (which were the ones incorrectly labeled Non-GMO, remember), UGA students repeatedly said “it just tastes like a normal chip.”

Then the moment of truth came. CFACT students told their UGA peers that they actually had eaten food containing GMO ingredients. The reaction: no one cared.

Matt Monday, a UGA and CFACT student, said “The experiment was an absolute success. I actually expected a few people to be concerned that they had eaten GMO foods, but not a single one was. This shows that for UGA students, the GMO issue really isn’t a big deal.”IMG_1318

While radical greens would have you believe that the country, and especially our youth, are up in arms about GMO’s in our food supply, the truth is the exact opposite. Not a single student freaked out that they had just eaten GMO foods, everyone shrugged their shoulders.

Ben Hoover, a freshman at UGA who had participated in the experiment, said “I really appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the GMO issue. It was eye opening.”

The experiment was part of CFACT’s “Stop Playing Games with Hunger” campaign, which aims to educate students on the facts behind the science of GMO’s, and how these farming techniques can help feed starving populations around the globe. The experiment was filmed, and the video is currently in production.