We asked St. Louis students, “What is Free-Market Environmentalism?”

After visiting Washington University in St. Louis not too long ago, CFACT returned to the “Gateway City” — this time stopping at Lindenwood University. Strapped with a poster board sign reading “What is Free-Market Environmentalism?”, students were quick to ask questions and approach organizer Mike Fellner who spent Monday parading around the student center and campus grounds in a Collegians recruitment effort. After explaining the Committee’s mission and what free market environmentalism was all about, many of them agreed with CFACT’s point of view and wanted to get involved!

Reports Fellner:

“John, a freshman studying to become a firefighter, was very enthused about what we stood for. ‘These principles should be applied to our forests,’ he said. ‘Wildfires would be much more manageable with clear property rights.’ His friend Matt was also excited about Collegians and gladly provided us with his contact information. Both of them were pretty pumped, and they said to me, ‘Let’s start something here on campus!’  I told them both ‘That is exactly what we are going to do.'”

With student interest in the Collegians program continuing to grow in the St. Louis area, CFACT plans to continue its aggressive organizing efforts in and around the “Gateway of the West” in the coming months ahead.