Voterpalooza at the U of M-Twin Cities

Today the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities CFACT chapter participated in Voterpalooza campus event. The U of M CFACT chapter wanted to show students the importance of voting, especially in regards to how it affects environmental policy. In addition to increasing voter turnout, CFACT also wanted to increase voter awareness about the true cost of pursuing green energy instead of real energy.


CFACT students created a poll to specifically highlight the high cost of green energy. Students were asked what kind of energy bill they would like to pay each month. Only the price of each kind of energy was displayed, the exact type of energy was not. Students overwhelmingly choose the cheapest options, natural gas and coal, and many were shocked to see how expensive solar and wind power actually are. While a few students said they would pay a premium for solar or wind energy, many decided to stick with their original choice of natural gas or coal.


Voterpalooza was a great event. The students of the U of M-Twin Cities CFACT chapter were able to share CFACT’s unique message of using the free market to help the environment. They showed other students the importance of being involved in, and informed about, the political process, especially when it comes to helping the environment.