Vanderbilt CFACT shoots and scoops

Yesterday, CFACT-Vanderbilt took to the great outdoors and exercised their 2nd amendment rights. They demonstrated how easy it is to be good stewards of our earth. Several students spent the afternoon in the countryside just outside of Nashville, Tennessee hosting a “Shoot-n-Scoop”. They had fun shooting several rounds of ammunition. Afterward, they took the time to clean up not just the shells from their rounds, but also any other garbage and trash that surrounded them. CFACT Chair Dillon MacDonald stated, “Everyone had a great time, and we look forward to doing something like this again in the future!”
Its great to see our members be active and responsible examples on so many levels, whether its proper shooting etiquette or being a good steward of the land, these students exemplify what CFACT aims to be- an organization that creates a better future for people, and nature too!